quadspoker| *ST Yinjiang (Yinjiang Technology) stock claim: Xinpai violations will be warned, and damaged shareholders can claim compensation


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Recently, he has represented many major impact casesquadspokerZhang Xiangbing, a lawyer from Jiangsu Boaixing Law Firm, specifically reminded that *ST Yinjiang (Rights Protection)(Yinjiang Technology) was warned of violations of the letter, and damaged shareholders could claim compensation. (Zhang Xiangbing's lawyer's column)

On May 24, 2024, Yinjiang Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as: Yinjiang Technology, *ST Yinjiang) issued the "Warning Letter on the Company and Relevant Responsible Persons Receiving the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau"quadspokerAnnouncement "stated: " The "2023 Annual Report" disclosed by the company on April 30, 2024 shows that the company's net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2023 was a loss of 23quadspoker,395quadspoker.100,000 yuan, the company failed to disclose the 2023 annual performance forecast in a timely manner as required, and our bureau decided to take supervision and management measures to issue warning letters to you respectively."

Lawyer Zhang Xiangbing said that the judicial interpretation of the Supreme People's Court stipulates that if the information disclosure obligor violates laws, administrative regulations, rules and normative documents formulated by regulatory authorities on information disclosure, and constitutes a false statement, the injured investor can sue for compensation in accordance with the law. The actual losses incurred include: loss of investment balance, commissions and stamp duty on the loss of investment balance.

Yinjiang Technology was issued a warning letter by the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau due to violations of information disclosure. According to judicial interpretation, shareholders can claim compensation for damage.

Currently, Lawyer Zhang Xiangbing is representing *ST Yinjiang's damaged investor claims. The claim conditions are:

Impaired investors who bought *ST Yinjiang shares between February 1, 2024 and April 30, 2024 and still held the shares at the close of trading on April 30, 2024 can sue for losses. (*ST Yinjiang Rights Protection Entrance)

Investors who meet the conditions for claim can contact the lawyer team of Zhang Xiangbing of Jiangsu Boaixing Law Firm and provide the following documents: a copy of their ID card, a securities account inquiry confirmation form stamped with the seal of the securities company's business department, and the original stock transaction statement (the stock was purchased for the first time since the first time), detailed contact information.

quadspoker| *ST Yinjiang (Yinjiang Technology) stock claim: Xinpai violations will be warned, and damaged shareholders can claim compensation

Lawyer Zhang Xiangbing stated:

The final claim conditions shall be subject to the court's determination.

(This article was contributed by Lawyer Zhang Xiangbing of Jiangsu Boaixing Law Firm and does not represent Sina Finance's position. Lawyer Zhang Xiangbing, a securities rights lawyer. Graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law with a master's degree in law. He is good at representing securities litigation and financial rights protection cases, and has many years of experience in investor rights protection litigation. Successfully represented or is representing hundreds of investor rights protection cases, and has represented many cases with significant social impact and landmark significance. The investor v. Solin Shares (Rights Protection) and Dong Jiangao cases were selected as one of the top ten typical cases of securities misrepresentation liability disputes by Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court; the Bank of China's "Crude Oil Treasure" civil case was selected as one of the top ten commercial cases in national courts in 2020)